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Another new set of meeting and gathering rules have emerged – are you keeping up with the latest changes, and more to the point, do you understand how they are working?

I do not regard myself as stupid, but am finding that the constant changing rounds of “do this”, now “don’t do this !” within days of announcments being made is highly confusing, and could lead to an outrage of public opinion who will eventually say – NO MORE !

Assuming that some of these new rules could be with us for another 6 months could easily send someone of a delicate mental nature over the top, and I know from friends who are employed in mental health work that their work loads from referrals is soaring.

This means that there is a need to keep talking to friends, relatives and neighbours, and ensure that they are keeping their chins up with the new rules and legislations being put into place.

How are YOU coping with the new changes – is it time to ask for professional help for anyone that you are assisting to give you a breathing space?

There should be no guilt if you are finding your help is flagging, so contact me for details of local organisations who are dedicated to this work locally in N.E. Lincs.

Do not run yourself into a personal crisis.

More cyber crime on the up recently, as well as local burglaries from unprotected outbuildings on properties, so be aware of vulnerable persons, and tighten up your home protection methods.