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Reflections – 5 weeks to Christmas

So, how do you feel in regards to a possible 25 days full lockdown in January, and a tight conditions run up up after 2nd December, to pay for a lowering of family contact standards over Christmas?

Personally, with 13 grandchildren that have not had a proper hug or contact since before March, my wife and I have jointly decided that Christmas contact in person is going to be a no/no, as we refuse to either be the harbingers of infection, or indeed, receive the infection to us as vulnerable elder persons.

Personal reflections – nine months almost of lack of work activity, watching people change their day to day ways of travel, seeing people observing restrictions, but more disappointingly, watching those who blatently flaunt the rules.

Open schools – parents gathering at gates for pick ups with no distancing or face shielding – poor example for their children and no protection for teachers or assistants with the children.

I have deliberately avoided going into the main shopping areas of Grimsby and Cleethorpes wherever possible and stay away from people I do not know unless absolutely necessary.

Are you all looking at where you travel to, and who you may encounter on those travels, shopping, prescriptions, exercising etc ?

Don’t rely on others to protect you, do it yourself !