Neighbourhood Watch. What is it all about?

The latest of our information updates to accompany the 2021 Neighbourhood Watch Week which runs from 5th to 11th June. Whatever you, your neighbours or your members of your Neighbourhood Watch Group are up to this week, remember that the theme is around strong communities. So hopefully you can share the information we’re sharing this week with others. And if you want to tell us what you’re up to this week or get in touch for support then please do. Email me at

Neighbourhood Watch aspires to be a trusted, proactive, inclusive movement that supports all local communities. National Neighbourhood Watch is coordinated through OurWatch, and they would like your input to a survey which will help them to better support local Neighbourhood Watch and to understand the progress they are making.

Whether you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch group or not, the survey captures useful information and will help to establish a benchmark, identify positives to build on, areas where they may need to do better and improve your experience with them, and to improve the public perception of Neighbourhood Watch.

The survey will take around 6 minutes to complete. Answers are anonymous, and Neighbourhood Watch are not able to respond individually to any comments or questions made in this survey.

Find the survey here and please complete it soon as it will close imminently.

The OurWatch Strategic Plan

If you’re involved with Neighbourhood Watch then it could be useful to see how you and your group fit with the overall, national Strategic Plan that OurWatch has put together. The Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 is available through their website here.

Have a read of the plan and locally, in North East Lincolnshire, we’d be very interested to hear what you think. Get in touch.