Policing Prevention

Get to know your local Neighbourhood Policing Team this Neighbourhood Watch Week

The latest of our information updates to accompany the 2021 Neighbourhood Watch Week which runs from 5th to 11th June. Whatever you, your neighbours or your members of your Neighbourhood Watch Group are up to this week, remember that the theme is around strong communities. So hopefully you can share the information we’re sharing this week with others. And if you want to tell us what you’re up to this week or get in touch for support then please do. Email me at

If you, your neighbours or your Neighbourhood Watch Group are not in regular contact with your Neighbourhood Policing Team, then now is a great excuse to make that connection.

The Policing Teams value that connection with residents and you are encouraged to keep them informed about issues in your area.

They too will share useful information with you via any local coordinators.

Get to know the members of your Policing Team. Find out what the local policing priorities are in your ward. Make sure you know how to contact the team. All this information can be found on the local police team page (ward level) on the Humberside Police website.

Start hunting for your area here.

But we’ve made it easier to get to these details via our Ward level guides on the NELwatch website here.

Find out when the Policing team are in your area. They might be doing walkabouts or drop in sessions. They might hold Zoom sessions. All these details are on the Policing pages.

My Community Alerts is the Police update service that can keep you informed about what’s going on in your own area. Make sure you subscribe (and tell others to do so too).

Read all about the MyCommunityAlert service here.

It’s free to signup and get notifications in the way that is helpful to you.

Remember too to make sure you report crimes properly. Don’t assume because it was posted on Social Media that the Police will act on it. We’ve talked about this previously here.

A better way is to visit which has all the information you need to report crimes.

Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team wants to have a connection with you and your fellow residents. This week – Neighbourhood Watch Week – is an ideal time to make sure everyone knows what your ward team is up to; how to get in contact; how to report crimes and issues and more. Share this information.