Community Safety Prevention

About the ASB Community Trigger

This week is ASB Awareness Week (learn more here). Throughout the week we’re sharing some notes or thoughts about ASB. Please share it with your membership or your friends, neighbours, relatives. The more we talk about ASB, the more we can all play a part in tackling it. 

Today – the ASB Trigger, for when support does not go as you would like it to go.

The ASB Case Review, otherwise known as the Community Trigger, lets victims activate a multi-agency review of their case if they are not satisfied with the response that they have received.

If you (or others with your consent) have reported 3 incidents (or more) within a 6-month period, you can activate the Community Trigger by contacting your Local Authority.

There will be a multi-agency case review which involves various agencies, which could include local Police, Local Authority, Housing Associations and the NHS. The aim of the process is to ensure that the concerns of victims are properly considered and that an appropriate action plan is agreed to ensure that the issue is successfully tackled.

The ASB Trigger for North East Lincolnshire can be started through this webpage here:

Read more about ASB on the ASBHelp website here.