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Older Peoples Advice Day 11th October in Cleethorpes.

Join us at the Older Peoples Advice Day organised by the Later Life Partnership.

Community Events

Keeping Older People Safe (KOPS) event in West Marsh on 20th April

We’re pleased to be able to announce a new event to be held at West Marsh Community Centre on 20th April 2023.  This is an information and advice day for older people organised with a huge number of partners and under the banner of the Keeping Older People Safe (KOPS) programme. Please share the poster […]

Community Safety KOPS Prevention

The Herbert Protocol. Helping keep missing people safe. Learn more.

Do you have a friend or relative who is elderly, suffers with dementia or has other mental health issues which can leave them confused, lost or disorientated? Nothing is more worrying or distressing than if someone you care about goes missing or doesn’t return home when expected – and for people living with or caring for someone with […]