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What does a return to normality mean?


The lockdown seems to be continuing for at least 3 to 4 more weeks.

Most sensible people are abIding by the rules, and will help to eventually alLow all of us to return to normal.

However, what IS normal?

Will normal  Рbe getting all lost wages back from redundancy, or furlough payment conditions?

Will the banks then expect everyone to be paying any high interest loans back immediately?

Will normal immediately open pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, foreign and UK holidays?

Do people expect the economy to jump back into immediate full scale production?

Will those who selflessly provide volunteer status assistance be praised, and perhaps rewarded, for not working in their normal work, due to office or work areas shutdowns.

Will employers get the required assistance to kick on from a complete stop situation?

I believe that a staggered reduction of lockdown conditions will eventually kick start the country and the economy, but it could take the rest of the year before that return could be anything like “normal”.

For now, I personally feel that every respect needs to be given to all emergency service workers, and everyone who is working or providing any form of care service in the community.

Anyone abusing or making arson attacks on emergency vehicles need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and examples made publicly of their names.

Strong and very personal feelings, for which I make no apologies,  but those abusing these safety rules need to be controlled, and stopped for the far greater public good in the long run.