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Tell us about your Neighbourhood group. We have a survey about NEL groups. Please take a few minutes.

Every year or two, we ask questions of our local Neighbourhood Watch Groups (or similar types of community group) to find out how things are going. Once again I’ve put a simple survey together (here) and I’d be very grateful if you could complete the survey. It doesn’t have to be completed by the coordinator […]

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Insurance for Neighbourhood Watch Groups

I’ve had a couple of conversations with NWG coordinators about insurance. So I thought I’d explain things here… Why insurance? Any group – Neighbourhood Watch, social groups etc – should really have Public Liability insurance in place as a minimum – just in case. If you’re renting a room for a meeting and someone trips […]

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Change of Contact for North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch

As of July 2021, there are changes to contact information for anyone involved with Neighbourhood Watch Groups across North East Lincolnshire seeking support. Most existing Neighbourhood Watch Groups in the borough will know that Glyn Atkinson has been their point of contact for the last couple of years for all things related to Neighbourhood Watch, […]

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National Neighbourhood watch information request

I have been asked to disseminate national information out in regards to vaccines and jabs to the readers on here, so please see the attachment below from the explanation. This is also going out to all N E Lincs NHW Co-ordinators by separate e mail. Please share to all networks where appropriate. With over 10 […]

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Latest message from the PCC

Keith Hunter has issued his latest message in regards to how police are reacting during the pandemic – link is below.

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New scam alert!

Food Parcel Scam We have just been alerted of a food parcel scam in North East Lincolnshire. Details: The victim who attends a food larder in North East Lincolnshire regularly received a friend request via Facebook.  It appeared that they had a mutual Facebook friend.  They were asked to click a link to receive the […]

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The NEL Watch Discussion Site is now even easier to register to use

We’ve made it even easier to use our new, online discussion space. You can now visit the Network at and simply click on the sign in/register button at the top and ask to register as a new user. Once you’ve followed the steps it asks you to, we’ll get your application to register and […]

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How does your group communicate?

If you are a NWG Coordinator we’d like to find out how within your own Neighbourhood Watch Group how you communicate with each other – your committee / your members / the residents in your street? Normally I guess some of you hold meetings of course. What else? Do you simply phone each other? Emails? […]

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Summer reminder – security check list for you all

Yes, it’s summer and officially school holidays, and potentially family holiday times, whether chancing going abroad or stayvacationing this year. Even if you are staying put for the long haul to recovery and freedom of movement without social distancing or masking up, then here is some good advice for all. Please read through the security […]

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Your help requested to help get our local database of groups up to date

Have you missed me? Over the last week, I have still been working, in the National “Our Watch” site registrations, checking for all self registrations, adding new groups that were not known about before, sending out confirmation e mails from the national website, and going through Co-ordinator details, so our local protected database is more […]

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last update from PCC – issued today.

Commissioners Blog 2nd July This blog is the last in a series of updates on the work of myself and my office as we move through the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read the latest update by clicking HERE Alternatively paste the following link into your browser. There are now over 30,000 […]

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New ward by ward data and information pages

We’ve completed the update of our data pages for each ward across North East Lincolnshire. Each page contains a map of the area, links to information from the Police, Fire, CrimeStats and Ward information websites and information about local councillors. The general information page is here and you can get to the data page for […]

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Operation Galaxy arrests total !

Over 450 Op Galaxy Arrests Over 450 arrests and 100 warrants as Op Galaxy continues A further 82 arrests this week has bumped the total of those detained to 451 in just three and a half weeks of intensified action as part of Operation Galaxy. Days of action this week have taken place across the […]

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On behalf of Humberside Police I would like to pass my sincere thanks to all NHW co-ordinators across the Force area for their valuable contribution to Op Galaxy which as you will have seen in the media continues with a robust programme of enforcement, visibility and engagement activity, taking a tough stance on criminality and […]

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How did you start your local NHW group – was there an incident that sparked interest? Did you have anti social activity problems, or a high burglary problem that needed resolving? What help did you have when you started? Have you a story to tell? If so, pop it down, and let us see it, […]