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I do not normally deal with scam mails, as Karl does an excellent job updating new ones every week, but this one really annoys me, and evidence has shown nationally that one elderly lady was duped into paying over £150.00 for a placebo type jab, administered under non hygienic conditions, and with no knowledge of the contents of the administered drugs.

If you have any elderly neighbours, relatives of a vulnerable age living alone, or with an elderly partner, or anyone with a limited understanding of scams, please take some time to explain that the proper vaccine is free, will be administered accordingly to age and infirmity, and they will be called into a registered vaccination centre, unless the local authority begins home calls under strict conditions to housebound persons.

Luckily, the lady mentioned suffered no ill effects, apart from a lowering of funds from her savings, but with a lot of people getting desperate for a jab, please do not let anyone fall for this diabolical scheme.

Remember – your turn is coming, there is a rolling list of age groups and infirmities to be gone through, and vaccines need to be in place and looked after in strict health and safety conditions, so please be patient, protect those who may be unwary but trusting.